Burning Permits
A burning permit is required for open burning of brush or other allowable materials. Burning after dark is prohibited. There is a continuing need for on-call firefighters. Training is provided. For more information call Hagar Township Hall at 849-0455.

Ambulance Service
Pride Care is the full time contracted ambulance service for Hagar Township.

Building and Home Improvements
Building permits are required for any new construction or renovations costing $500.00 or more, and also for any demolition (there is no charge for a demolition permit). Contact the Building Inspector, Bernard Kelley at 849-0410.

Dog Licenses
Dog licenses may be purchased during regular business hours at the township hall from December 1 to February 28.

Baseball and Softball
Momany Baseball fields are located on Thar Road and Momany Park Drive. East of I-196, and are part of the Hagar Township Park System. Please Contact Beth Raiser for information on scheduling games. 269-849-0455 and leave message.

Knights 10U Baseball team plays home games here. 10 year old youth baseball for Coloma, Watervliet, Hartford. Contact Jerry Collins - collinsjerry9@gmail.com for more info.

Rummage Sales
Rummage sale permits can be obtained at the Township Hall from the Clerk. Two rummage sales per calendar year for up to 3 days each are permitted.

What Do We Do at Hagar Township?
What are we?
Hagar Township is a general law township. The Michigan Constitution and state laws provide for the authorities and responsibilities of Michigan’s general law townships. This municipality is governed by a board of elected trustees consisting of the township supervisor, township clerk, township treasurer, and two trustees. Additionally, Hagar’s board appoints and/or employs a deputy treasurer, deputy clerk, township assessor, building inspector, ordinance enforcement officer, and a parks & cemetery supervisor.
Hagar Township’s Supervisor is our chief assessment officer. The Supervisor oversees our township assessor who is responsible for establishing assessments of taxable property for the equitable distribution of the property tax burden in accordance with Michigan's General Property Tax Act and other applicable statutes. The Assessor's responsibilities include creating the annual assessment roll, maintaining ownership records and property descriptions for taxing purposes, processing Personal Property Statements, and inspecting existing property and new construction. Taxable values established by the Assessor annually are used by the Township Treasurer to produce property tax bills for property within the Township.
Tax Collection
Hagar Township’s Treasurer’s office handles the collection of real and personal property tax. Tax bills are sent out in Summer and Winter.
Hagar Township’s Clerk’s office handles all elections. The clerk is the chairman of the election committee. The clerk hires and trains all election workers.
Hagar Township's funds are maintained by the Finance Committee comprised of the supervisor, clerk, and treasurer. Trustees oversee the financial health of the Township to ensure expenditures serve a valid public purpose and are authorized by statute.
What do we do?
All Townships share certain characteristics based upon statutory guidelines. Here’s the basics of what we do.
Hold Meetings – Regular monthly board meetings, special meetings, annual meeting, etc.
Motions and resolutions – This is how the day-to-day functions are generally handled.
Township Budget - Public Act 621 of 1978 requires each township to annually adopt a budget and amend that budget if any changes are made during the course of the year.
Fiduciary Responsibilities – Board members are responsible for the township’s finances. They are tasked with protecting township assets.
Services and programs - State laws authorize townships to perform a wide variety of functions. Townships are required to perform assessment administration, tax collection and elections administration. Townships may choose to perform numerous governmental functions, including enacting and enforcing ordinances, planning and zoning, fire protection, cemeteries, parks and recreation facilities and programs, and many more.
Ordinances – These are local laws. The main purpose of ordinances are to secure the public health, safety and general welfare; to provide for services and programs; and to provide sanctions.
Establishing and Appointing subcommittees and boards – Hagar Township has a Planning Commission, Downtown Development Authority, Zoning Board of Appeals, Board of Review, and joint Fire Board. The township board appoints these members. In general, state statute authorizes the establishment of these boards and terms for members.

Who's Who?
Each township official has statutory duties. The term of office for all township officials is four years. The clerk (MCL 41.69) and the treasurer (MCL 41.77) must each appoint a deputy. The supervisor, clerk, treasurer and trustee must take the oath of office before entering into the duties of their offices. (MCL 168.363). The deputy supervisor (MCL 41.61(2)), deputy clerk (MCL 41.69) and deputy treasurer (MCL 41.77) must take the oath after their appointment and before entering into office. In addition, the township clerk (MCL 41.69) and the township treasurer (MCL 41.77) are required to be bonded. The deputy clerk and deputy treasurer must also be bonded.